March 9, 2016
If you’ve been paying attention, you noticed I haven’t been playing out much. Well, that’s gonna change. After my 2015 culminated with a tour out west with the amazing Levi Parham, I purposely took some time off to work a lot at my fish monger job and write some stuff. I also periodically start questioning why I play music and kind of lose the urge to shove it in people’s ears. I guess I just need to take breaks every now and then. The music biz bothers me. It’s aligned against artistry from the lowest level right up to the tippy top. The flip-side is that music is the greatest thing ever and the underdogs out there creating it are never going to stop, the biz be damned.

Anyhow, look for shows and recordings and and some other interesting stuff coming out of Camp Becker this year. I’ll rip my head from the pillow, dunk my head in some cold water and emerge from my musical hibernation! Thanks!

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